Native American Theme Bobcat Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-12


PEOPLE REQUIRED: Akela (Cubmaster), Baloo (Asst. Cubmaster)

PROPS: Campfire, Badges (with tape affixed to the card the badge is on)

AKELA: The spirit of Cub Scouting burns here as it does in the hearts of Cub Scouts everywhere. The Cub Scout spirit is like our campfire. We must add wood to the fire or it will go out. In the same manner, we must add new boys to our pack, or the Cub Scout spirit will go out.

BALOO: We have (number) boys who have will join our pack.


BALOO: Yes, and they have learned the ways of our tribe. They have learned the Cub Scout Promise, the Law of the Pack, and the Cub Scout Motto and their meanings. They have also learned the meaning and proper use of the Cub Scout Sign, Salute, and Handshake. They know the meaning of Webelos.

Will the following Scouts please come forward with their parents to join in the Cub Scout spirit?

(Baloo lists the boys who are to receive the Bobcat badge.)

(Both Akela and Baloo hand the badge to parents and congratulate the Cubs with the Cub Scout handshake.)

AKELA: Parents, would you please present the Bobcat badge to your son? Attach the badge to his uniform upside down with the tape. Once a good deed is done, the badge may be permanently attached right side up. The pin is for you as a reminder that Scouting is a family activity.

BALOO: Parents, you may sit down while these Bobcats stay with Akela and me by the campfire.

AKELA: Will the new Bobcats join Baloo and me in saying the Cub Scout promise?

ALL: I, _____, promise to do my best

to do my duty to God and my country

to help other people, and

to obey the Law of the Pack.

AKELA: Baloo will place your headband on your head with feathers indicating your new rank. As you continue on in our pack, you will receive more feathers to show your achievements. Pack (number), let's give them a big hand as they rejoin their den.