Mountains Of America
Posted On: 2021-03-12


EQUIPMENT: Pictures of mountains or a drawing of a mountain with a winding trail 

NARRATOR: Mountain climbing is a very popular - challenging sport in various places in the United States. The goal of a mountain climber is the same as that of a Cub Scout — To make it to the top. And of course, that is the Arrow of Light. The first part of the trail to the top is to climb to the Bobcat.

Tonight we have a scout who has completed the first part of the trail. Call Bobcat candidate and parents forward. Comment about the achievement. (If a mountain drawing is used, attach the badge on the lower portion of the trail and have the Scout remove his badge from the trail).

The second step in the trail is the Wolf. Continue to the Arrow of Light.

As I mentioned, the goal of a mountain climber is to make it to the top. The goal of a Cub Scout is to earn the Arrow of Light. Tonight we have a Scout who has climbed the trail to the top and has earned the Arrow of Light.

(Each step could be detailed - Bobcat must follow the 7 steps in the trail. The Wolf climber has to complete the 12 achievements. The Bear has a little more of a challenge. The Bear must complete sections of 12 of the 24 achievements. The Webelos works on activities in the book and experiences a lot of new things which includes outdoor activities).