Induction Of New Families - 2 Candles
Posted On: 2021-03-12

Cubmaster (or committee chairman, advancement chairman, etc.), Bobcat candidates, and parents.

A table, a balanced board with a candle on each end, Bobcat badges.

Cubmaster: (Addressing audience.) We are happy to welcome all the families with their sons who are here to our pack. (The Cubmaster calls the names of all new families.) Will you please come forward. (Parents and sons come forward.)

On the table before us is a unique candle set. There are only two candies. One candle stands for us, the parents. The other candle stands for our sons.

With both candles in place, the candle set is in balance. Should we remove the parents' candle (the Cubmaster removes one candle), the Cub Scout candle goes down. This is what will happen if we, the parents, do not assist our Cub Scout sons. (The Cubmaster returns the candle to bring the pair back into balance.)

Now we want to receive these parents and their sons into the fellowship of Pack [number]. Will all the parents please rise.

(The Cubmaster lights the candles.)

Will every parent join with these new Cub Scout parents in repeating with me: We promise to assist our sons in earning the Cub Scout badges. We will be faithful in our attendance at pack meetings and will assist in every way possible as we help our sons to do their best.

(All sit down except the new Bobcat Cub Scouts and their parents.)

Now because each of your parents helped your son earn the Bobcat badge, you will award it to him and give him his certificate.

(Allows time for the presentation.) Boys welcome again to Pack [number]. Now please face the audience. Will all Cub Scouts rise and make the Cub Scout sign.

Let us all repeat the Cub Scout Promise.