C-U-B-S New Family Induction
Posted On: 2021-03-12

Materials: Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Boy Scout handbooks: two blue and two yellow candles; 4 Sign cards, spelling out the word CUBS, Bobcat badges; Membership certificates.

Participants: Cubmaster, Committee Chairman, 4 Cubs, new Bobcats with their parents

Cubmaster invites the new Cub Scouts and their parents to come forward.

Cubmaster: Friends, we welcome you to our ceremony for new Cub Scout families.  Before you burn four candles - two blue and two gold - I will explain their significance.  The four letters you see spell CUBS, but each letter by itself stands for something special.

1st Voice: (C) - The C stands for Courtesy.  A Cub Scout is courteous to others, his friends, his teachers, and his family.  He is courteous in all that he does.

2nd Voice: (U) - The U stands Unity.  When a boy joins the Pack, his parents join too.  He does not work alone, but with other boys.  He learns to get along with others.

3rd Voice: (B) - The B stands for Bravery.  The Cub Scout is courageous enough to stand up for the things he thinks are right - honesty, equality, fair play - thereby making this world a better place in which to live.

4th Voice: (S) - The S stands for Service.  A boy not only does service to himself while he is a Cub Scout, but he also serves others.  he strives to help spread goodwill in every way he can.

Cubmaster: Cub Scout(s), you see before you four books - the Wolf Book, the Bear Book, the Webelos Book, and the Boy Scout handbook.  They stand for the steps that a boy climbs as he goes higher and higher in Cub Scouting and finally reaches the very top as a Scout.  You have learned, along with your parents, those things necessary to take the first step in Cub Scouts - earning the Bobcat patch.  Will you raise your hand in the Cub Scout sign and repeat the Cub Scout Promise. (Cubmaster and boys give a sign and repeat the Promise).

Chairman: Parents, we welcome you into our Pack because Cub Scouting is for the entire family.  As parents, you have certain responsibilities in the Cub Scout program.  We expect that you will attend the monthly Pack meeting and work with your son on his achievements.  When called upon we will expect you to assist - along with the rest of the parents - in various leadership capacities.

Will you accept this responsibility?

Cubmaster: Will you pin this Bobcat badge on your son, making him an official Cub Scout.  This privilege will be yours for every badge he earns.  We expect that you will work with him on some of the projects he earns.  We expect that you will work with him on some of the projects as you start together up the Cub Scout trail.  May you be happy as a part of our Pack. May we, as a Pack working together, give out sons the traits of a good Scout.  Cub Scouts, what is your motto?

All Cubs: Do your best!

(Cubmaster gives each new Cub Scout a handshake using the Cub handclasp and offers his congratulations.  Shakes hands with parents.)