Bobcat Induction Ceremony - Fire Of Friendship
Posted On: 2021-03-12


Equipment: A short piece of stick for each boy, a ceremonial fire

Will all new Cub Scouts and new Leaders please come forward and form a semicircle behind our campfire?

You have come here tonight seeking admission to the friendship and fun of Cub Scouting.  You have learned the things necessary to become a Bobcat.  Will you give the Cub Scout sign and repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise?

Will the parents or guardians of these Cub Scouts please come forward and stand behind your son?

Parents, we are happy that you are here with us tonight because your boy is taking an important step toward good citizenship and wholesome living.

You, as parents, have a real responsibility to carry out as your boy enters our Pack.  Will you cooperate, by studying with your boy the Cub Scout Program, and by attending pack meetings and every activity which will help your boy so that he will be able to achieve the goals and the fun that are his in Cub Scouting?  If you will accept this responsibility please answer, "We will!"

Cub Scout (names) before you see the fire of friendship, which means that every Cub Scout in this Pack wishes to become the friend of every other Cub Scout.  As each new Cub Scout enters our friendship circle he places a stick of wood on the fire showing that he too wishes to do his best to be a friend to all.  Now, after your name is called and you place your token on the fire, please come forward with your parents and give the Scout handshake and receive your Bobcat badge.