Bobcat Induction Ceremony #2
Posted On: 2021-03-12

Personnel: Cubmaster, Den Leader, new Bobcat, and parents.

Cubmaster: Do we have any boys who desire to join our pack?

Den Leader:  (Comes forward) Akela, I have a boy who has shown his desire to join our pack.

Cubmaster: How has he shown his desire?

Den Leader:  He has studied the Bobcat requirements and understands the purposes of Cub Scouting.

Cubmaster: Does he come alone?

Den Leader: No, his parents wish to join the pack also.

Cubmaster: Fine, bring him up.

(Den Chief escorts new Bobcat and his parents to front)

What is your name?

I understand you wish to become a member of our pack.

Do you know the Law of the Pack?

Are you prepared to try to follow the Cub Scout ideals and obey the law?

Are you prepared to work hard and to advance in rank? Are you willing to do your best?

Good. You are about to start on the Cub Scout trail. Please repeat with me the Law of the Pack.

(addressing parents) Cub Scouting is a family program. Parents have certain responsibilities too. They are expected to help their son advance in rank. They are expected to attend pack meetings with their son and help at other times when called upon. Are you willing to do these things to help your son achieve the goals and fun that will be his in Cub Scouting?

(to boy and parents) You are all starting the Cub Scouting trail which leads to the great game of Scouting. May each of you be happy in our pack.

(pinning on Bobcat pin) I am pinning on this Bobcat pin upside down. After you have done your first good turn which is approved by your parents, you may turn it right. Welcome to our pack.