Bobcat Induction - The Fire Of Akela
Posted On: 2021-03-06

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Committee Chairman, Bobcat candidates, and parents


SETTING: The boys are brought in tied to a long rope with short leather thongs. The room should be dark except for the campfire.

CUBMASTER: Before you burn the fire of Akela. The light of the fire is like the teaching of Akela, the heat is like the love Akela has for you. The leather thongs that bind your wrists to the rope are like the promise you will make to obey the Law of the Pack. The rope itself represents your pack, the common bond.

The Law of the Pack will now be given by Akela.


CUBMASTER: You have heard the Law. You must now give the Promise to obey it. Now give the Cub Scout sign and in a loud, clear voice say the Cub Scout Promise together. (Boys recite promise.)

(Chief takes out a knife) You have given the Promise and you will now be freed from your bonds, not that you may forget the Promise, but rather to keep the Promise in your hearts and obey the Law even when Akela is not with you.

The knife of Akela must now be purified in the fire (Chief puts blade near campfire). You must submit to what follows without fear, for the heat of the fire which is love presents no danger but demands trust and loyalty. You will then be given the mark of the Bobcat. You must wear it upside down until you have completed your first act of goodwill as a member of the pack.

(Cuts thongs, badges handed to each boy, and handshakes were given. CC carries badges for Chief.)

Let us now welcome the new Bobcats to the pack with the cry of the Wolf.