Bobcat Hunting For Cub Scouts
Posted On: 2021-03-06

BOYS NEEDED: New Cub Scouts who have just completed Bobcat.

Leaders Needed: Cubmaster (Akela) in an appropriate Indian costume, Asst. Cubmaster, parents, and new Bobcats.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Cub Scout totem board with candles placed in proper places and lit.

Artificial campfire if possible, American Flag, Pack Flag & stands, Den Flags. Appropriate Indian costume. A simple three-feathered headdress and blanket will do if an Indian costume is not available.

SET-UP: Cub Scout totem board set on the table in front of the room. Campfire set in front of the table. Cub Scouts, leaders, parents & others arranged as needed. Lights are dimmed.

AKELA: Who comes here?

A.C.M. Boys, hunting the fun of Cub Scouting.

AKELA: But who do you seek?

A.C.M. Akela, the Great Spirit of Cub Scouting.

AKELA: Are these boys wise in the ways of the Bobcat?

A.C.M. They are Akela.

AKELA: Show me. (A.C.M. asks the boys as a group for the Cub Scout Promise & the Law of the Pack).

AKELA: I can now call you Cub Scouts because you have completed the requirements necessary for your participation in the great game we call Cub Scouting.

Tonight you have repeated before me the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. You have assumed a very important responsibility. You have agreed to "Do Your Best" and to "Do Your Duty to God and Your Country," to "Help other people, and "To Obey the Law of the Pack." These are things which are not always easy, but I think you will enjoy them. All that we ask is that you do your best - no one can do more.



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