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Tiger Cub Blanket Crossover

body len: 2498


MATERIALS: Table with (non burning) candles; matches; blanket ready. Neckerchiefs, Tiger patches, Mothers pins.

CUBMASTER: Tells pack that this is the Tiger Cub Graduation

CUBMASTER: Calls tiger cubs and adult partners to come forward and face the table.

CUBMASTER: Tiger cub coach, would you continue.

TIGER COACH: For the past few months you and your family have explored all sorts of new and exiting things and places. You have taken each part of the Tiger Cub motto, Search, Discover, Share, and used it in your home, school and neighborhood.

CANDLE 1: (Boy 1’s name )

TIGER COACH: tells first boy to light candle (give a match).

Boy does so.

TIGER COACH: You and your adult partner have searched in your home and community for new activities that have shown you how people work together and have fun together.

CANDLE 2: (Boy 2’s name)

TIGER COACH: You and your adult partner have discovered that by doing things together with friends and family you feel you are part of a great family, community, and country.

CANDLE 3: (Boy 3’s name)

TIGER COACH: You shared your searches and discoveries with your family, friends, and fellow Tiger Cubs, and that let them learn about you and the things you saw and did.

CUBMASTER: Now it is time to move along the Scouting trail to the next part of the program.

CUBMASTER: In Cub Scouting your family is as important as it is throughout your entire Scouting experience. Support in earning each badge comes from your family as well as from your den leader. Your parents will help you each step of the way.

TIGER COACH: _______, I present you with your tiger patch.

CUBMASTER: Step on the blanket and lie down on your tummy.

CUBMASTER: Den _____ and Wild wolves would you come and carry _____ around to the other side.

(Cubs carry boy. Adults walks over. )

CUBMASTER: ____ and (parent), on behalf of Pack _______, I'd like to welcome you in Pack _____.

CUBMASTER: _______, I present you with _______'s neckerchief; present it to _____.

(Adult does so.)

CUBMASTER: This mothers pin is for you.

(Do above for all other Tiger Cubs)

CUBMASTER: You are now a Wolf den. Wolfs, a pair of parents has stepped forward and accepted the honor and the responsibility to be your den leaders. (New Leaders).. [Applause]

Young Wolfs, it will be up to you to ask your friends to join so you will become a large den.

(new leaders) , would you lead your wolf den to the other boys of the pack.


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