The Tiger Cub Investiture
Posted On: 2021-03-05


The purpose of an investiture ceremony is to welcome the Teams into Tiger Cubbing. It helps the new members feel part of the larger organization of the Boy Scouts of America.


Den carries the flag in

Pledge of Allegiance


Introduction of Leaders

Light candles - Spirit of Scouting & 3 for Tiger Cub Motto

Story of Ranks

(Tell a little about the steps from Tiger Cub to Eagle Scout. It helps to have Scouts of the different ranks come up front as the ranks are introduced.)

Tiger-Cub - Cub Scout - Webelos - Boy Scout - Eagle Scout.


Cub Den escort Tiger Cub and adult partner up front - one at a time

Partner is handed certificate

The boy is handed Tiger Cub Patch

Boy and partner each get a candle

Boy and partner light candles from Spirit of Scouting candle

Boy and partner stand aside - holding lit candles

- next team

Tiger Cub promise

Repeat after Coach

Set candles aside

Boy and partner set candles in log (holder) on the table - one team at a time - and get seated



Next meeting, time, place, great idea, team in charge


Repeat Tiger Cub Motto

Refreshments If desired