The Cub Scout Machine
Posted On: 2019-05-17


This ceremony can be done with a cardboard facsimile of a machine, a box, or even a sheet.  What is important is that the Tigers enter the MACHINE as Tigers and come out the other end as Cub Scouts.

Props:  One Cub Scout Machine.  A Wolf scarf/Cub Scout shirt for each Tiger.  Whistles, noise makers, tape recording of machine noise, etc.  Streamers, balloons, etc.  Striped Tiger material, or fur, etc.  Bobcat badges and a candle.

Players:  Tiger side of machine - assemble Tiger Coach, Tiger Cubs, and partners.  On the Cub side of the machine - assemble Cubmaster, Webelos Scout, and a Den Chief

***Ceremony ***

CM:  "Welcome to your special crossover night.  Tonight you will become Cub Scouts, if we can get this Cub Scout Machine working.  Tiger Coach, do you know how it works?"

TC:  "Well, I thought I did.  Let's turn the crank and see what happens..." (Turns crank and machine also starts) - "I tried".

CM:  "Maybe we need the help of a Tiger Partner.  (Call parent by name)  Can you get it going?"

Partner:  "I'll try.  Let's turn the crank and see what happens..."  (Turns crank and machine almost starts)

CM:  "maybe we need the help of a Tiger and a parent (Call by names)  Can you helps us?"  (Tiger and parent turn crank, machine almost starts).

Webelos Scout & Den Chief:  "I bet we know how to get it going.  We need to work together to help the pack go and grow.  Let's all turn the crank and see what happens."

They all turn the crank together, it spits, sputters, and STARTS!!!  (Tigers and partners go behind machine, noise is made, the machine shakes, stuff flies out at the audience.  Partner puts Wolf scarf onto Tiger, and both walk out of the machine).

CM:  "Congratulations!  We did it!  Welcome to Pack (#).

Cubmaster hands new Cub Scout a candle to be held in his left hand (partner stands behind scout)

CM:  "Do the Cub Scout sign and repeat after me: I, (name) promise to do my best, to do my duty, to God and my country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack."

Cubmaster shakes the new Cub Scout's hand and blows out the candle.

CM:  (Turns to the pack and asks):  Do we accept these new Cub Scouts as members of Pack (#)?

Pack:  "WE DO!!"





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