The Change Box
Posted On: 2021-03-05


EQUIPMENT: Multiple refrigerator boxes with one side of the box cut out on each The boxes are then connected with the first box and the last box having two sides cut out, forming a tunnel.

PERSONNEL: Adult volunteers can be put in the box to make sharing and funny noises, Cubmaster, adult volunteer.

The Tigers form a line at one end of the box with their partner waiting for them at the other.

CM: You have done well following your motto of SEARCH, DISCOVER, and SHARE. You have made your parents, your den leader, and your Pack proud. Now is the tune that we recognize you for your efforts and welcome you as you progress on the Cub Scout Trail. Now go through this tunnel as your last journey as a Tiger and reap the recognition of your labors.

The boys go through the box one at a time. Inside an adult, volunteer stops them and presents them with their Tiger Cub patch which they display as they come out the other side.




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