Presentation Of Tiger Cub Belt Totem
Posted On: 2021-03-05


CUBMASTER:  Some members of our pack have begun following the trail of the tiger.  In the wild, the tiger cub is inquisitive and adventurous but remains within the lair with its parents for some time before venturing out on its own.  The tiger cub's parents have the responsibility of looking after the cub, teaching it to hunt and play, and how to protect itself from the other predators of the jungle.

You boys are embarking on a great new journey with your parents.  Your motto tells us what you will be doing.  Do you remember the Tiger Cub motto?  Repeat it with me: "Search, Discover, Share."

Search means you will search for new activities, new adventures, and new ways of being together.  Discover means you will enjoy the thrill of discovering new things together.  Share means you will share all of the things you have together with your parents and the other members of your Tiger Cub group.  Through this process, you grow together, become better friends, and prepare yourselves for the Cub Scout's trail.

Now that you have learned the Tiger Cub promise and motto, you are prepared to wear the Tiger Paw belt totem on which to recognize your accomplishments.  Each time you participate in a Tiger Cub activity, you will add an orange bead to your belt totem.  You will add white beads for activities you do with your family.

Present the totems.

Would the rest of the pack join me in congratulating these boys by giving them the Tiger Paws cheer?  (Say "Tigers are paw-some!" - raise an open, paw-like hand into the air while saying "paw-some".




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