Cub Scout Spirit Closing
Posted On: 2021-03-05


Arrangement. The Head table holds candelabra with three candles and one larger candle in a separate holder.

NARRATOR: Tonight we have had a lot of fun at the (number) birthday party of Cub Scouting and the (number) birthday of our own pack. As Cub Scouts and leaders, we are following the trail left by millions of other boys and leaders who have been involved in Cub Scouting since it began in 1930.

All of those boys and leaders have had the Cub Scout spirit, which we symbolize with the flame of this one candle. (Light large candle. Dim room lights.) What is the Cub Scout spirit? That's easy. It's the three things we promise to do in the Cub Scout Promise. In the Promise, we say, "I promise to do my best to do my duty to God and my country." That's the first part. (Light first candle on candelabra.)

The second part is: "To help other people." (Light second candle). And the third part is "to obey the Law of the Pack." (Light third candle.)

Now while these three candles burn as a reminder to us, I will ask all Cub Scouts and all former Cub Scouts to stand, make the Cub Scout sign, and repeat the Promise with me. (Lead Promise.)