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Blue & Gold Indian Opening Ceremony


Arrangement:  All participants should be dressed in Indian costume.  A tom-tom is beaten slowly during ceremony.  One person can represent the Medicine Man with a peace pipe, a rattle and some “magic dust”, which he periodically throws into the artificial campfire, while muttering something unintelligible.

Cub Scouts in Indian costume march on stage to beat of tom-tom.  They are seated around fire (which is not lit yet).  Medicine Man comes forward and says:

    • I know not if the voice of man can reach the sky;

    • I know not if the Mighty One will hear us pray;

    • I know not if the things I ask will all be granted;

    • I know not if the word of old hath been received;

    • I know not what will come to pass in days to be;

    • I hope that only good will come, my children, unto you.

He pauses while fire is lighted.  Tom-tom tempo picks up briefly and then slows back down to ceremonial tempo.  Medicine Man continues:

    • Now I know that the voice of man can reach unto the heaven;

    • Now I know that the Mighty One hath heard me when I prayed;

    • Now I know that the word of old... we have truly heard it;

    • Now I know that good and good alone hath come, my children, to you.

Medicine Man hands peace pipe to Akela (Cubmaster) and steps back.  He occasionally throws “magic dust” into the fire.  Akela puffs pipe and says:

    • I offer this to the Mighty One for all good comes from above. (Puffs)

    • I offer this to the earth, whence come all good gifts. (Puffs)

    • To you, West Wind, who dwells where the sun falls, help us with the strength of  the thunder. (Puffs)

    • To you, North Wind, who dwells whence comes the cold, send us the cold winds and let the tribe live. (Puffs)

    • To you, East Wind, who dwells where the sun continually returns, send us good days and let the tribe live. (Puffs)

    • To you, South Wind, who dwells in the direction we face with out-stretched arms, may the sun shine out in full to us and let the tribe live.

 Akela hands peace pipe back to Medicine Man, raises his arms upward and says:

I declare this Pack meeting opened.


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