Your Family
Posted On: 2021-02-12


EQUIPMENT: 15 to 20 child's building blocks.

CUBMASTER: (Begins to build a pyramid with the blocks) No, Cub Scouts, I'm not really losing my mind. I'm building something that has a lesson for all of us.

There! Let's say this pyramid stands for our country. If this is the whole country, where is your family?

That's right, you and your family are one of the bottom blocks. Why? Because families are the foundation of our whole country. Without families, our society would collapse. And that's why families are so important to the country.

Of course, your own family is very important to you, too. Your family gives you food, shelter, clothing, the chance for education--and most importantly, your family gives you love.

In return, you give your family some things. You give your parents respect and obedience--at least I hope you do. You help around the house. And you return their love for you.

Now, on the count of three, I want to hear every Cub Scout here who loves his family and respects his parents shout "I'll do my best." Ready, one, two, three, "I'LL DO MY BEST!"