Which One Of These Are You? - CM Minute
Posted On: 2021-02-12

One of the most important things about people is what they eat.  Every culture in the world has different kinds of food.  To some people, raw fish is a delicacy.  Others love to snack on snails.  Still, other people consume insects such as locusts and ants, and they enjoy every bite.  Many in America eat beef, pork, and chicken, but there are millions of people in different parts of the world that do not eat meat at all.   Different kinds of people put different kinds of food into their mouths, and the food we eat is important.  But there is something that is even more important: it is what comes out of our mouths.   Jesus Christ, one of the world’s greatest teachers, once said, “it is not what goes into the mouth that makes a person unclean, but what comes out of the mouth; that’s what makes a person unclean.” (Matthew 15:11)  What did Jesus mean?  Simply this: what you eat with your mouth does not define your character, but what you say with your mouth does.  What kind of messages are you sending out to other people?  Does your language reflect the Cub Scout ideals of duty to God, the duty to country, and service to others?  Are you courteous and kind with your words, or are you hurtful and rude?  Our words can make us a help to someone else, or they can make us a hindrance.  Which one of these are you?



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