Turn On The Power
Posted On: 2021-02-12

What is the most powerful thing you can think of?  Is it a locomotive that can pull a hundred railroad cars?  Or is it a mighty rocket with giant engines that roar and belch fire?  Is it a nuclear energy plant with enough power to light up a whole city?  Or is it the sun, with enough energy to warm a whole planet?  As powerful as all these things are, there is a limit to their energy.  A locomotive and a rocket can run out of fuel, and the fuel rods of a nuclear plant wear out after a while.  Even the sunsets after a few hours, leaving half the world cold and in darkness.  But there is another power source that never runs out of energy and that will never leave us in the cold.  That power is God, and it’s important that we learn how to connect with God’s power.  We learn how to do that by regularly attending our family’s place of worship and by practicing its teachings.  Why don’t you “plug into” the greatest power in the universe by worshiping God this week?