Posted On: 2021-02-12


CUB #1: We have talked this evening about the world of computers. In our busy world today, even with the help of computers, one of the most important needs we have is that of time.

CUB #2: Our perception of time keeps changing. The older you are, the quicker time seems to pass.

CUB #3: Our parents can look at a housing development and remember a time when that was just a field or a wooded area where they played as children.

CUB #4: Time becomes telescoped, not because of our age, but because of overlapping images. Each age offers a different vision that you can capture, borrow and save.

CUB #5: The point is this - somewhere along the way, each person needs to recognize that there is such a thing as personal time.

CUB #6: We have a great deal of opportunity to choose what we do with our time. If you have been thinking about spending more time with your son, have you set aside the time?




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