Thoughts For Your Whole Life Through
Posted On: 2021-02-12


ARRANGEMENT: Cub Scouts hold up cards with slogans as they read their lines.

1st CUB: Do Your Best - in everything you do on life's way.

2nd Cub: Always Be Friendly - to brighten others' day.

3rd CUB: Give Away Your Smiles - for it is rewarding indeed.

4th CUB: Be Prepared - to help others in their daily need.

5th CUB: Be Honest and Sincere - towards others you meet.

6th CUB: Be Loyal and True - a most commendable feat.

7th CUB: Count Your Blessings - being thankful each day, for Life's wonderful opportunities that come your way.

8th CUB: Good night to each and every one of you. May these thoughts stay with you your whole life through.




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