This Is Cub Scouting
Posted On: 2021-02-12


PERSONNEL: Six Cub Scouts parents, Cubmaster

EQUIPMENT: Candle holder made from cedar post or other wood, three blue and yellow candles, table.

ARRANGEMENT: Lights out, Cubmaster with six candles, three blue and three yellow, on a table. The six parents each light a candle and give their part of the ceremony.

PARENT 1: Some people think Cub Scouting is only for boys, but it isn't. Cub Scouting is for the family.

PARENT 2: Mothers and dads, as they work in Cub Scouting with their boys, are able to maintain their natural relationship with them, yet they come to see their boy's play and leisure in a new light. The Cub Scout advancement program ensures a closer boy-parent relationship.

PARENT 3: Cub Scouts are considerate of others. They promise "to help other people" and to do their best. When parents sign their boy's membership application, which is also a family contract, they take as their motto, "We will help our son do his best."

PARENT 4: Cub Scouting is the basic part of the three-phased Scout program for boys and girls of high school age. Each part is packed with challenges most appropriate to the age involved and leads to the next phase. Thus, when our Cub Scouts join the Webelos den and earn the Arrow of Light award they are prepared to enter Scouting with their joining requirements.

PARENT 5: Cub Scouting in all its phases operates to strengthen the home - not to weaken it. You and your family will strengthen your home only by living, playing, and growing in it together.

PARENT 6: Your boy has only a few more years of boyhood left before he looks away from home for his principal interests. What you do together today is important. Tomorrow may be too late.

CUBMASTER: Will all parents pledge their support to Cub Scouting? Now join with the Cub Scouts in the Cub Scout sign and repeat the Cub Scout promise with me. " I (name). promise to do my best....."