Questions Webelos Scouts Should Ask Each Troop
By: Scott Robertson Posted On: 2009-01-28


Question Ideal Answer
Do I know anyone in the Troop? (Possibly)
Have I been invited to visit this Troop (Maybe - does not matter)
Are any of my friends looking at this Troop (Maybe)
HOW large is the Troop (Six to over one hundred boys)
Is the Troop mostly older boys? (15+ years)
Is the Troop mostly younger boys? (less than 15 years)
Do the older scouts help the new scouts my age? (Ideal situation)
When does the Troop meet? Where? For How Long? (Every xx week night, x pm for 1.5 hours, - at church, school, civic)
Will that fit my and my family's schedule? (Y/N)
How frequent are (camping, hiking, adventure) trips? (Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly)
When does the Troop normally go camping during the month? Which weekend? (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th)
Does the Troop have an active Outdoor Activity Program? (camping, hiking, travel, adventure)
Do I have to go on all the camp outs / activities? (Y/N/Maybe)
Does the Troop camp 1 night or 2 nights? am Saturday/Sunday noon or Friday pm to Sunday noon
What was the Troop meeting like? (Boys run the meeting)
Was the meeting fun? (Y/N)
Is the Troop active? Going places and doing things? (Y/N)
What was the camp out like? (Great to hated it)
Am I comfortable around these guys? (Yes / No - very important)
Is the Troop going to Summer camp? (Y/N)
Could I, should I go to summer camp? (yes, YES, YES)
What if I don't like these guys after a while? Am I stuck here or can I change? (Change to find a Troop where you can have fun and advance through your hard work)
If I move, can I join another Troop? (Yes, of course)
What do Mom and Dad think about the Troop and the adults? (Good things we hope)
How do I find a Troop to join? When I decide which one, How do I sign up? (Have your den leader find out the Troop's contact person to set up a visit, visit, fill out form with Troop your are joining)
How many troops should I visit before joining? (At least three, but preferably as many as possible)


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