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Immediate Recognition Wolf Beads
As a Cub Scout completes achievements for Wolf or Bear, the den leader should make sure that a simple recognition ceremony is held in the den meeting. Use the Cub ...

Pass The Bead Den Ceremony
PERSONNEL: Cub Scouts and Den LeaderEQUIPMENT: Instant Recognition BeadsARRANGEMENT: Everyone stands in a circle, the Cub receiving the beads stands to left of the Den Leader.The Den Leader gives the ...

Simple Bead Presentation In A Den
Cub Scout (name) has opened his doorway to advancement and begun a journey down life's long road of many adventures. We of Den ___ are proud to present this bead ...

The Campaign Speech
PROPS: This can be as simple or as fancy as desired. The setting is at a campaign speech for city major.CHARACTERS: The Cubmaster will need to have three men help ...

The Fourth Bead Den Ceremony
Cub Scouts who have completed 12 achievements and earned the Wolf or Bear rank, receive their badges at a pack ceremony. But it's a good idea to recognize them in ...

Three Leg Tripod
EQUIPMENT: A tripod, A triangle of wood with three legs not attached.PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, advancing Wolf and Bear Cubs and their parents.CUBMASTER: (name) come forward and screw this leg into the ...

Train Tickets Advancement Ceremony
Prior to pack meeting, issue train tickets to boys who will receive Wolf and Bear badges and Arrow Points. Indicate on tickets the boy's name and the car he will ...

Wolf And Bear Ceremony With Achievement Chart
EQUIPMENT: Balance board and candles, awards to be presented, achievement charts.PERSONNEL: Cubmaster and/or assistant Cubmaster, Den ChiefsThere are five ranks in Cub Scouting. Upon entering the pack a boy first ...

Wolf and Bear Trail Advancement Ceremony
If your father were an Indian Chief and your mother were an Indian squaw, you would learn all the secrets of the great forest by going into it yourself. You ...

Wolfs Or Bears Teeth Ceremony
PROPS: Set of plastic vampire teeth from a novelty shop or costume shopCUBMASTER: Would (boy's name) and his parents please come forward?" (Hand each Scout the teeth and ask him ...

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