Blue & Gold celebration decoration ideas
By: Posted On: 2020-01-23

The Blue and Gold banquet is usually the most significant event that the Cub Scout Pack holds all year. It should be exciting and celebratory. The Blue & Gold banquet celebrates the anniversary of the birth of Scouting. I still remember one of my Blue & Gold meetings from long ago and the fact that I can remember it shows how much effort must have been put into it. The Blue & Gold celebration that I remember was held in my elementary school gym. Your Blue & Gold celebration may be held in a different location. Here are several web pages full of ideas that you could use to create your own decorations and centerpieces. 


You could go to Amazon and buy your decorations (yes they have blue & gold decorations).


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How about covering your tables with these centerpieces from The lady made these decorations from coffee cans.


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Here is another centerpiece idea from Pinterest…


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And yet another centerpiece idea, this time using a glass and some Scout popcorn…

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If you follow this link, you can have some nice ‘Twinkie-Minion’ treats to go with your celebration.


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I liked this next idea from some Cub Scouts that they shared with Pininterest.


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One last idea comes from It looks like this… You use Mason jars to make this one.


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