An Arctic Tern Book review
By: Posted On: 2019-07-29

 Indoor Nature Activity For Cub Scouts…


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This book is a fun way to introduce young scouts to nature, whether it's on a stormy day or hot summer day. Your young children should read this delightful and beautiful book “Growing up in Alaska: A Baby Arctic Tern” by Constance Taylor. This book is a short, fun little story about an Arctic Tern from egg to first flight. 

I could see this book being read to young scouts, or even having the scouts each take a turn reading a couple of pages. Maybe you should stop every so often to talk about what's going on, or do an activity, or maybe read the whole thing and then talk about it and do some or all of the activities afterward.


About the book:


A baby Arctic Tern hatches in Alaska. He has much to learn: how to eat, how to swim, how to bathe. But his greatest wish ... is to FLY! 

This is the story of an Alaskan Arctic Tern as he grows up in Alaska's Potter Marsh near Anchorage. You’ll follow him as he learns to eat, swim, and care for his feathers. After many days of practice, trial, and failure, he gains the joy of flying with his parents. 

The text, photographs, and illustrations explain his experiences. Children see how he keeps on trying when practicing new skills. Perfect for reading to younger children and for older children to read to themselves. 

A photographic story of learning, growing and spreading your wings.  


Full of amazing photographs...



 These are some of the activities that go along with the book:

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