3 Amazing Winter Apps
By: Posted On: 2018-11-09

 3 (or more) Amazing Apps for wintertime


Do you like winter or does it make you feel like going into hibernation for the next few months? Perhaps winter has caused you to stay indoors or wreaked havoc on your commute, your smartphone can be an important ally against Mother Nature. However, you have to have the right apps. Here are a few that you should download to ensure you’re ready for the next blizzard, snowstorm, or torrential downpour.


Red Cross Apps


The 1st app we would like to share with you is from the Red Cross. This link will take you to the Red Cross website where they give you an opportunity to download a number of useful apps that could come in very handy this winter.


Smart Meters or Meter Readers


One of the worst things about the winter is the increased energy bills. If you don’t have a smart meter, it can be hard to keep track of your spending. Thankfully, the Smart Meters app helps you to monitor your energy usage accurately. All you need to do is input a new meter reading into the app periodically to get an in-depth chart showcasing how much you’re spending. You can create separate charts for both gas and electric and monitor them both through the app separately.If you are on iOS, you can use Meter Readings, an app that provides the same benefits with a more up-to-date user interface.



Winter Survival Kit


The name says it all – having this Android app is a matter of survival. Having this app is just as necessary as having a physical survival kit with you, if not more so. In fact, it even instructs you on how to create a physical winter survival kit and what you will need. It will help you find out where you are if you get lost driving in a storm, notify your friends and family if you have a problem, calculate how much gas you will need to make a trip, and warn you to turn off your engine in order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Please share any comments you have below and share your own favorite winter apps for your smartphone.