Revisit Kamp kitchen series
By: Posted On: 2018-09-25


A few years ago I did a series I called Kamp kitchen. It was full of useful information and an array of helpful tips and hints for all things useful to those who do large group cooking. This series is about the gear and setup, not actual cooking. In no particular order here is a brief description of each article, a link to the article and perhaps a picture or two to help you see what I’m talking about…




·         Cooking Utensils >spoons, tongs, forks…everything but knives


·         Stoves and fuels >grills, ovens, stoves and types of fuels


·         Personal hygiene >how best to wash your hands at camp


·         First aid kits >a portable first aid station in the field



·         Seasoning it all up >take a spice rack with you and some hints



·         Pots and pans >best types of pots and pans for camping


·         Personal mess gear >use plastic not metal stuff because…


·         Dutch ovens >stock pots made out of cast iron!


·         Patrol boxes >a box to store your stuff in and bonus points for prep surface


·         Cutting it all up >best types of knives to use in the camp


·         Food storage >keep the bugs and animals out


·         Ice chests >keep food from spoiling


·         Tables >what is the best kind to use?


·         Portable water >best water containers to use at camp


·         Cleaning it all up >how best to clean up the mess from cooking


·         Pack it all up >can you fit it all in one container?