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14 Campground uses for the Frisbee

By:    Posted On: 2018-08-13



Fred Morrison never liked the name “Frisbee,” but he stopped complaining after sales began to soar. The flying disc was Morrison’s invention, first sold by the Wham-O toy company — as the “Pluto Platter.” Wham-O changed the name the following year as a misspelled homage to the popular New England pastime of tossing around pie tins from Connecticut’s Frisbie Pie Company. When building inspector Fred Morrison sold his plastic flying disc to WHAM-O in 1955, he didn't know that he'd launched the perfect camping tool. Here are 14 reasons you can't live without one:


For out camping

You can use the Frisbie for a cutting board: Chop, slice, or dice; the rounded lip keeps food on "board"

Serving tray: Transfer your toast or other foods to campmates

Plate or bowl: Hold pasta and stews

Preparation dish: Batter French toast or flour-coat fish

Use the frisbee as your serving plate

Collecting basin: Gather berries or mushrooms

On your boat at the lake

Shallow bailer: Scoop out canoes

Emergency paddle: Save the day when you're up a creek

Utility tray: Hold tackle and fishing doodads

Use the frisbee as a sand shovel with kids on the beach

When building a fire

Windbreak: Block gusts while cooking or starting fires

Wind-maker: Fan embers or chase away bugs


Soap dish: Keep leaves and twigs from sticking to your soap

Seat platform: Sit on snow, wet moss, or leaves

The humble Frisbee is a multi-use tool addition to any camping trip. When you’re done using the frisbee around your campsite, throw it around with the kids or show them how to play frisbee golf. Then you can have fun with it and get some good uses out of it.

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