Radical DIY award ideas
By: Posted On: 2018-05-17

 It is good to give volunteers small thank yous, and some encouragements. It almost always makes us happy to do these small things for others who deserve them. Each time you will do something like this for someone who is deserving of some kind of recognition, you will probably think to yourself, I ought to do this more often. You can get your kids involved with projects too. Look for a way to teach your children to show gratitude and thoughtfulness to those folks who volunteer to help them. Here are some great ideas on some projects that can help us thank those around us who should be thanked more often than they are.

 For the first idea you’ll need a York Peppermint patty, a bag and some construction paper...use your printer to make the paper with the words on it, so everyone can read it and it will stand out better.


This one is also fun and easy to do, and it says: You're a LIFESAVER, thanks for all you do is the perfect sweet treat.


Another super easy thank you gift uses some M&M’s and looks like this.


This next idea uses some Extra chewing gum, for those people who deserve to be thanked for their extra efforts.


For some helpful instructions and pictures to help you make this idea go to



Here is another slick idea, that is very easy for you and your kids to make.


Another thing you can make is this.



This last one is a cool woodcraft project that could be changed into a thank you gift or used as an award for someone that could use a thank you.