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Letter From Scott - Founder of InsaneScouter

By:    Posted On: 2016-02-28

Hi Scouter’s,

As many of you know I run http://InsaneScouter.org which is a resource site for Scout Leaders. What you may not know is I have servear ADHD combined type. Which impacts my daily life. Thanks to Dr. Horne of the Las Vegas International Scout Museum (http://www.worldscoutingmuseum.org), my ADHD is finally being managed again.

The problem is right now, I find myself in another tight spot. Preventing me from being able to get the ADHD prescription or even pay rent. Thus, I come to you with a thought. If you donate $5 or more in the next 35 hours (before I wake up on 3/1/16) via paypal - http://bit.ly/1XTGyBE. I will say Thank You by sending you a link to download any or all of the following digital collections.

Here are the collections:

  • clip-art
  • over 6,000 fonts
  • Baden Powell (historic photos, books he wrote or was written about him, clip art, audio / video, BP Comic Book, etc),
  • old boy scout sheet music
  • blue prints (chuck boxes, tables, etc)
  • Handouts (these were handouts that I was given as a youth leader including pioneering projects, cooking gadgets, qualities of different firewood, etc)
  • Patrol Challenges created by my Dad (3 business card size games that have odd things for Scouts to do as a patrol – fun and spurs team building)
  • Historic E-Books
  • Various Scout Comic Strips

If you have questions, please feel free to drop me a note. Thank You in advance for your help!

Scott Robertson
@scoutbot | http://facebook.com/scoutbot

Go to InsaneScouter for meeting ideas, games, ceremonies, crafts, songs, clip art, scout skills and much more.

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