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SM Tip - Secrets to Successful Scout Fundraising

By:    Posted On: 2015-05-21

Secrets to Successful Scout Fundraising

Now that most of the country is on daylight savings time and daffodils are starting to sprout in my yard, it's getting easier to believe that spring will really arrive this year. (I had my doubts during this long, cold winter.)

One sure sign of spring is that my troop has started selling mulch and bedding plants. In fact, I found an order form in my newspaper box just the other day.

I love this fundraising idea for a couple of reasons. First, people need to buy these products anyway. Second, people need to buy them year in and year out.

Secrets to Successful Scout Fundraising

Troop 994 in Fairfax Station, Va., found a third reason to love selling mulch: the opportunity to upsell customers. I interviewed their Scoutmaster for a Scouting magazine article a few years ago and learned their secret: the receipt they leave each customer includes an offer to have Scouts return at a later date to spread the mulch they purchased for an additional fee. (Check out that article; it has some other great ideas.)

What are your unit's secrets to fundraising success? The comments section on the blog post is open.

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