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Eagle Tip - Color-coordinated Candy
By: Posted On: 2015-04-16

Color-coordinated Candy

Stylish Scouters and parents—I don’t count myself among their number—find all sort of neat ways to enhance Eagle courts of honor. One fun idea is to serve patriotically colored red, white, and blue M&Ms at a court of honor reception. The problem is that these colors are typically only available around the Fourth of July. You could buy them ahead, of course, but who knows how long they’ll sit in your freezer until your son finally finishes his paperwork!

Color-coordinated Candy

A better plan is to buy the specific colors you want directly from the M&Ms folks at The candy comes in bags of up to 10 pounds each and in a variety of packaging, such as tins and party-favor packs.

For even more fun, you can have your M&Ms imprinted with a custom message or image, as shown above. While you can’t use copyrighted images like the Eagle Scout badge, you could use a stock photo of an Eagle, as I’ve done here. Whatever you do, you’ll have a tasty treat for court-of-honor guests.

What ideas do you have for making courts of honor a little more special? The comments section is open.

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