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Eagle Tip - Sending a Message
By: Posted On: 2015-03-26

Sending a Message

At many courts of honor, you’ll find a guest register where guests can record their names. These registers are nice, but a reader named Shellie Tucker came up with an even better idea, one that encouraged people to leave not just their names but also a personal message.

Sending a Message

She bought a small (4" x 6") scrapbook made of heavy card stock at a craft store, along with some fancy pens. She set these items on a table with a framed photo of her son Dustin in his uniform. A tent card encouraged people to write a message to Dustin and to include their full names.

The result? Instead of a simple list of names, Dustin received a keepsake that will always prompt memories of his Eagle court of honor and the people who shared it with him.

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