Scott Robertson

Favourite Scouting Songs
By: Posted On: 2015-01-20

Favourite Scouting Songs:

Camping is livened up with the help of energetic and appropriate camp songs. It’s always a good end to a wonderful day of hiking when all the scouts are sitting around the fire and lending their voice to some music or the other.

Scouting and camping songs inspire, motivate and lift dead spirits on a day when things haven’t quite gone right! Leaders should step forward, memorize a few good songs and ask the scouts to join in.
Some good options are:

o I’m a Girl Scout
o Go Bananas
o Go Well and Safely
o Father Abraham
o Fat Girl Guide
o Fast Food
o Fire’s Burning
o Milk
o Red River Valley
o I Met a Bear
o Tarzan
o Baby Shark
o Crazy Moose
o Popeye the Sailor Man
o Boom Chika Boom
o Camp Grandpa
o Billboard

“I'm a hootin' tootin' Girl Scout from the West! Bang-bang!”

Scouting songs

Songs such as these induce self confidence and faith in all he scouts. Cub scouts especially might feel left out, so engaging in singing sessions makes them feel included. Songs should be picked such that they are easy to sing along and the scouts can relate to. For example, “Popeye, the sailor man! Toot-toot!”

Scouts may feel shy to join in, but as the darkness deepens they too will fall prey to the magic of the campfire and join in. Leaders should also encourage scouts to share their favourite camping songs.

“Did Somebody say bananas?
Bananas of the world unite!
Peel bananas, peel, peel bananas
Shake bananas, shake, shake bananas
Go bananas, go go bananas “

Don’t forget to clap your hands and bob your head!