Scott Robertson

A Wing and a Scoutmaster's Minute
By: Posted On: 2014-06-17

In case you haven’t noticed, kids today are fully immersed in pop culture. And they often learn better from watching videos than from hearing someone talk. So where does that leave you if you still give traditional Scoutmaster’s minutes that you heard when you were a kid? In the Stone Age, perhaps.

A good way to bring your Scoutmaster’s minutes up to date is to tee them up with movie clips. Show a quick clip from a popular movie, and then talk about the lesson that clip contains.

But what do you do if that hour a week you spend on Scouting doesn’t give you time to search for video clips? Just surf over to This site offers free movie clips that “illustrate and inspire.” Most of the clips come from movies your Scouts will recognize, and all of them are tagged with topics like accomplishment, accountability, altruism, and anger (to mention a few of the A topics). Some clips are free; for others, you must buy credits if you want to download them. (You can still watch those on the website.)

The site is designed for churches, so there’s a definite Christian focus. But you can pick and choose and skip those clips that work better in youth group than Scouts.

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