Scott Robertson

Minute Judging - Eagle Tip
By: Posted On: 2014-06-03

One of my favorite impromptu Scout games is minute judging. It works like this: Everyone sits on the floor, and a judge with a stopwatch shouts “Go!” Without looking at their watches, the Scouts stand up when they think a minute is passed. Some pop up after 30 seconds; others wait much longer than a minute. The winner, of course, is the Scout who gets up the closets to the one-minute mark.

So what does that game have to do with Eagle Scout courts of honor? It demonstrates that a minute can seem like a long time, which means five or six minutes can seem like an eternity.

If you’re going to include a slide show in your ceremony—which I think is a great idea—just choose one song as the soundtrack and make your pictures fit. Assuming a three- to four-minute song and three seconds per slide, that lets you show 60 to 80 pictures, which is probably plenty.

You can include a second song and more pictures, of course, but if you do, don’t be surprised when your guests start playing minute judging!


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