Scott Robertson

Facebooking Your Parents
By: Posted On: 2013-04-09

Today I thought I would share an interesting perspective regarding parents and facebook. Are they trend setters, or maybe behind the curve? Are they modern and hip? With each passing year, more and more parents and jumping on to social media and creating their own profiles. This is a good time for parents to stop and think. Even if the parents are considered best friends of the youth, there is a good chance at some point they will embarrass them in front of their 100's of facebook friends. Even if they dont post directly on the youths profile, how often do they peek at it. Personally, I would say most parents probably need to look at their kids profiles more often to see what they may be up to. Love it or hate it parents and their kids and the activities their kids do share social media.

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Parents Facebooking Infographic