Scott Robertson

Save the Date--and Time - Eagle Tip
By: Posted On: 2013-05-30

This week, I received one of those “save the date” postcards that are increasingly popular for weddings these days. The wedding will be held next May 10 at … well, the card didn’t say.

Given that May 10 is a Friday, I can assume an evening wedding, but it would have been nice if the time had been included on the postcard. I’m pretty sure the time has been set.

Now, I don’t think “save the date” postcards are necessary for Eagle courts of honor, which are typically announced weeks, not months, ahead of time. Having said that, however, if you do send out such cards—or promote your court of honor in other ways before formal invitations go out—try to share as many key details as possible. The sooner guests can put the date and time on their calendars, the more likely they are to, well, save the date.

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