Scott Robertson

Stay out of the Risk Zone - smtip
By: Posted On: 2013-05-23

How many people are killed each day by distracted drivers? What’s the most important factor in towing a trailer? How can drivers combat drowsy driving? Why are 15-passenger vans more susceptible to rollovers than other vehicles?

Those are just some of the questions addressed in Transporting Scouts Safely, a supplemental training module that you can access at If you don’t know the answers, you should review the syllabus. If other drivers in your troop don’t know – which is pretty likely – you should consider offering the training, perhaps in conjunction with a troop committee meeting or in a separate room during a troop meeting.

I especially like the Risk Zone Driver’s Pledge that’s included in the syllabus. It goes beyond the common-sense advice to stash your cell phone to include things most of us don’t think about, like getting enough sleep in the days before an outing.

Stay out of the risk zone. Scouting is a lot more fun in camp than in the emergency room!

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