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Choose Your Own Adventure - SMTip
By: Posted On: 2013-05-16

When I first started in Scouting, troops figured out where to go camping based on word of mouth and the “where to go camping” directories that Order of the Arrow lodges occasionally published. These days, of course, camping information is as close as your web browser. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed; search for “camping in Kentucky” on Google, and you’ll get 11 million hits.

Now, thanks to Circle 10 Council Scouter Anthony Morris, searching is getting a bit easier. At part of his Wood Badge ticket, Morris, which lets you easily find places to camp, hike, canoe, rappel, and a whole lot more. All you have to do is click your location on a map, specify a maximum distance, and choose your activity type(s).

Right now, the database is pretty Texas-centric, as you might expect given its genesis. As more Scouters submit their favorite locations, however, it should grow in usefulness. Besides, given the impending arrival of winter, Texas sounds like a pretty good place to go camping right now!

Kudos to Scouter Rufus Woody III for pointing out this site.

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