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US Submarine July 1945, off the coast of Japan
By: Posted On: 2013-04-02

This comes to us from Bob Carlson

The following is from an article about a US Submarine in July of 1945 that was off the coast of Japan. The commander was sending

a party ashore to blow up a train and here was his criteria for the men who would be in group:

The Captain established his criteria for the volunteer party:

[ 1 ] No married men would be included, except for Hatfield,
[ 2 ] The party would include members from each department,
[ 3 ] The opportunity would be split evenly between regular Navy and Navy Reserve sailors,
[ 4 ] At least half of the men had to have been Boy Scouts, experienced in handling medical emergencies and tuned into woods lore.

I wonder how many today would be proficient enough to comply with #4, especially, "tuned into woods lore"?

I would like to hear what you think and if you feel you would qualify. Please go to our facebook group and lets talk about it.





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