Scott Robertson

Outlaw Pinewood Derby
By: Posted On: 2013-03-12

A recent post on one of the Scouting mailing lists caught my eye. It was about a Boy Scout Troop who ran their own Outlaw Pinewood Derby race. An outlaw derby does not use the normal pinewood derby kits, the rules are also different in some ways. Think creative, think insane, think crazy... Think SUV towing troop trailer.. think CO2 power ...

Here is part of what Ted from Troop 33 had to say in his post.

I'd highly suggest that other Troops think about doing this kind of event as well. The Scouts really got into it. Some came up with incredibly off the wall ideas. Unfortunately our one entry in the uphill division broke down before the races, so we didn't have anyone win that class.

The only rules were:

No flames, (as in no model rocket engines)
Nothing that would make a mess, (no coke/mentos rockets)
And just generally nothing that would upset Ted (my catch all category)

I hinted several times at the CO2 rockets, but I may have have been too subtle because no one did that. The one uphill car was using battery power to go up the track. I was a little less subtle at the end of the race about CO2,(and will be again next year), and I think we might have some of that then.

You can find Troop 33 photos at

So from here I did some googling and found the following two links which have the rules those units use.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any cool suggestions feel free to send them to me.