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Scott Robertson

Historic Book Collection
By: Posted On: 2012-12-18

This is a collection made up of 63 E-books that relate to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cooking, Christmas, Children's Stories, and Woodlore. The licensing of these books allow you to buy this collection once and give one or all of the books to every one of your Scouting friends. After receiving your payment, I'll email you the link to download the 278mb zip file containing all the books.

Here are the books that make up this collection.

[774K] ABookOfFruitsAndFlowers.pdf
[5.3M] AChristmasCarol.pdf
[ 18M] ALittleBookOfChristmas.pdf
[312K] AmericanFairyTales.pdf
[470K] AndersensFairy Tales.pdf
[3.2M] Birds_Vol1_No1_Jan_1897.pdf
[3.9M] Birds_Vol1_No2_Feb_1897.pdf
[3.6M] Birds_Vol1_No3_March_1897.pdf
[2.1M] book_of_nature_myths.pdf
[189K] BookOfSandwiches.pdf
[694K] BoyScoutrsOnALongHike.pdf
[330K] BoyScoutsInAAirship.pdf
[301K] BoyScoutsInASubmarine.pdf
[1.4M] BoyScoutsInSouthernWaters.pdf
[613K] BoyScoutsInTheCanalZone.pdf
[603K] BoyScoutsInTheNorthSea.pdf
[715K] BoyScoutsInThePhillipnes.pdf
[662K] BoyScoutsMysteriousSignal.pdf
[661K] BoyScoutsOnHudsonBay.pdf
[309K] BoyScoutsOnMotorcycles.pdf
[331K] BoyScoutsOnTheGreatDivide.pdf
[ 33M] BSA1911Handbook.pdf
[ 18M] camp_life_in_the_woods.pdf
[724K] ChildrensBookOfChristmasStories.pdf
[522K] childs_book_of_water_birds.pdf
[578K] ChristmasEntertainments.pdf
[129K] EducationalWorkOfTheGirlScouts.pdf
[ 88K] EducationalWorksOfTheBoyScouts.pdf
[168K] FiftySoups.pdf
[377K] GamesForAllOccasions.pdf
[2.0M] GirlScoutsInTheAdirondacks.pdf
[592K] GirlScoutsTheirHistoryAndPractice.pdf
[503K] GirlScoutsTheirWorksWaysAndPlays.pdf
[482K] HowToCampOut.pdf
[3.0M] HuckleberryFinn.pdf
[2.3M] MrKrisKringle.pdf
[ 21M] NightBeforeChristmas.pdf
[ 15M] OldChristmas.pdf
[3.4M] OutdoorSportsAndGames.pdf
[1.0M] PaperBagCookery.pdf
[2.8M] ScoutingWithDanielBoone.pdf
[9.4M] StoriesFromHansChristianAndersen.pdf
[445K] StoriesToTellChildren.pdf
[452K] TheBannerBoyScoutsAfloat.pdf
[727K] TheBannerBoyScoutsOnTour.pdf
[552K] TheBannerBoyScouts.pdf
[667K] TheBannerBoyScoutsSnowbound.pdf
[ 68M] TheBirdBook.pdf
[5.0M] TheBoyScoutBookOfStories.pdf
[169K] TheChristmasDinner.pdf
[1.1M] TheFirstChristmasTree.pdf
[334K] TheGirlScoutsAtBellaire.pdf
[575K] TheGirlScoutsAtHome.pdf
[460K] TheGirlScoutsATrainingSchoolForWomen.pdf
[323K] TheGirlScoutsPioneers.pdf
[284K] TheLifeAndAdventureofSantaClause.pdf
[4.0M] TwasTheNightBeforeChristmas.pdf
[2.4M] UnderBoyScoutColors.pdf
[5.0M] VisitFromSaintNicholas.pdf
[9.3M] WhiteHouseCookbook1887.pdf
[ 19M] WildFlowersWorthKnowing.pdf
[841K] woodcraft_and_camping.pdf
[2.5M] Woodcraft.pdf

This amazing collection can be yours for $14.99, order now.



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