Scott Robertson

Three More Letters for Your Alphabet Soup - SM Tip
By: Posted On: 2013-02-16

 Scouting lingo is an alphabet soup of abbreviations and acronyms; think PLC, SPL, ISLT, NYLT, NAYLE, etc., etc. I’d like to add one more abbreviation to the mix, courtesy of Scouter Jeff Taylor from Cincinnati: CFD.

CDF stands for Confusion, Frustration, and Danger, and it represents the only times adult leaders should interfere with the Scout-led troop program. Jeff said adults in his troop memorize that abbreviation and use it to determine whether they should step in and assist a Scout. While he and his colleagues sometimes hold each other accountable for overstepping their bounds, he said, “Lots of times, the person who did more than he should have will walk away mumbling something to himself about how the Scout he helped wasn’t confused, frustrated, or in danger.”

So how do you keep adults in your troop from overstepping? Send me an email at, and I’ll share it in a future tip.


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