New Scouting Year for a New Cub Scout Roundtable Commissoner
By: Posted On: 2012-12-11

Hello Everyone,

Hope the Summer was good to you and welcome to another year of Scouting.  Last year I was asked to take over my District's Roundtable and as part of that organizing the Cub Scout side.

Tonight was the first Roundtable of the new Scouting Year.  My staff and I knew what was going to happen and had confidence in the new program.  District Leadership supported me and didn't know what to expect.

What did we do?  Shorten General Announcements to only 10 minutes, started on Time, had an Agenda and delivered on the expectations we set when we opened the Roundtable.

Here are the numbers.  May Roundtable had 20 Leaders, tonight had 50 Leaders.  We ROCKED!!  Hope your new Scouting goes well and remember to have FUN.

Yours in Scouting, ptsteve