Pack Committee Chair, What do we do?
By: Posted On: 2013-01-29

Hello Everyone,

Another Scouting Year has moved to Summer which means fun and sun along with Camping.

This last year I was asked to become Committee Chair for my Pack, it had been a few years since my Pack had one so it was a challenge.  Past Cubmasters had taken on both roles, so my first challenge was to get the current Cubmaster and Committee to understand why you needed the Committee Chair.

First thing I did was to talk to the new Cubmaster and let him know he had my support and to explain our roles.  I told him I was responsible for Pack operations and making sure he had the resources for successful Pack meetings and operations.  I was not going to plan his Pack Meetings or run them, that was why he was the Cubmaster.

If you are a Committee Chair, thank you for your service.  Remember to let you Cubmaster and Den Leaders do their jobs.  Boys Scouts of American has great training online to fill in the rest of the details and please take advantage of it.

Any questions please let me know.

Yours in Scouting, ptsteve