Scott Robertson

2 no utensils recipes
By: Posted On: 2012-05-22

Cake in an Orange Half

6 large oranges
1 package of white cake mix

Cut the six oranges in half, and take out the oranges pieces and refrigerate them for another use.
Prepare cake mix according to package instructions (or make your own home made cake from scratch).
Pour the batter into the orange halves, put them back together and wrap in tin foil. Ff camping, bake in coals for 20-25 minutes or bake in oven at 350F for 10-15 minutes

Note: A few drops of pure orange oil may be added to the cake batter for extra flavor. Serve topped with vanilla ice cream, if desired.


Jello in a Creek

Mix jello only use a little less water. Put in a ziplock bag and place in creek making sure it does not float away. Jello can also be put in a lake or hung from a tree.