Scott Robertson

Creative Leader Awards
By: Posted On: 2012-04-03

When you have a special leader you want to give  a special award to but nothing seems right, you could do something like this...

100 paperclips - keeping everything together
100 twisty pretzels -  You are flexible
100 Hershey kisses - You deserve kisses
100 crayons - You have colorful ideas
100 puzzle pieces -  You make all the pieces fall into place
100 50 cent pieces - You add value
100 tea bags - You deserve a break
100 blank sheets - You view the boys as blank slates
100 toothpicks - You keep us in line
100 gummy bears - You make everything bearable
100 post it notes - For keeping tabs on our boys
100 pasta - For using your noodle
100 mints - You are a breath of fresh air
100 gum balls - You help us have a ball
100 tacks - For helping our boys stay as sharp as a tack
100 tacks - For helping our boys stay as sharp as a tack
100 candy hearts - For caring so much about the kids
100 marbles - You've obviously lost your marbles, so here's a few
100 candles - You light the way

What other ideas do you have. Share them below as comments.



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