Scott Robertson

Boy Scout Pathfinders
By: Posted On: 2012-06-02

This is the sixth book of this twelve part series, written by Maj. Archibald Lee Fletcher.

Boy Scouts Pathfinders puts us back in touch, for a final time, with the boys of the Beaver Patrol of Beverly, Indiana, a small Midwestern town. By now, readers are familiar with the individual members of the patrol. By this time in the series, though, enough new recruits joined them to fill out a second patrol, including some of the members of the former “Wildcat” patrol, made up of hoodlum boys from the wrong side of the tracks.

The people of their town, initially skeptical and suspicious of the troop, have come to respect and be proud of ‘their’ Boy Scouts. Now, with nothing further to prove to their elders, the boys set out to test themselves and hone their skills by conducting a grandiose “stalking” hike. Paul and Fritz will give the other scouts 24 hours head start before setting out to track the rest of the scouts. Of course, mayhem ensues, a terrible flash flood strikes camp, Eben loses his precious bugle, and all manner of calamities and jungle beasts imperil the scouts.