Scott Robertson

Changes in 2012 to the Boy Scout Advancement Requirements
By: Posted On: 2012-02-07

The 2012 Boy Scout Requirements Book (33216 - SKU 34765) is now available in Scout Shops and online from

The book contains revised wording of one requirement for each of two Boy Scout Ranks (Second Class and Eagle), changes to the wording of some requirements for 14 merit badges (Archery, Astronomy, Athletics, Bugling, Camping, Climbing, Fly-Fishing, Graphic Arts, Hiking, Motorboating, Music, Personal Fitness, Scouting Heritage, and Woodwork) and the requirements for 3 new merit badges (Chess and Robotics, which were released in 2011, and Welding, which will available for Scouts to earn in Late February or early March).

Paul Wolf, Secretary of the US Scouting Service Project, Inc. (USSSP) has prepared a report and analysis of all the changes in the new book, and posted his report on the USSSP website ( at this URL:

His report identifies the exact wording changes for all of the rank and merit badge requirements that have changed from last year.

In addition, Paul has updated all the affected web pages and worksheets on the USSSP site to reflect the current requirements.

This is the 17th consecutive edition of Boy Scout Requirements for which Paul has prepared his report. They're all still posted on our site, too, so you can look back in time.

Paul has also posted information from the Guide to Advancement (33088) - SKU 614448), regarding specific qualifications now required for certain merit badge counselors and those supervising Scouts working on those merit badges (Canoeing, Climbing, Lifesaving, Rifle Shooting, Rowing, Scuba Diving, Shotgun Shooting, Snow Sports, Swimming, and Whitewater). That information can be found at: and in the footnotes to the requirements for those specific merit badges posted on the USSSP site.